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We Like Bikes and Biking

Bri at 4th of July Parade in Provo

Dan at Deer Valley Race 2001

BriDan during 203 miles of Logan, UT to Jackson Hole, WY (LOTOJA)

Dan at criterium race in Evanston. High Uintas Classic Stage Race. Me and
Norm Bryner (behind me) worked together to win the crit and the overall for each
of our categories.

Dan, Tanner, Smokey, and Bri before High Uintas Classic Stage Race

The whole team at Fazoli's before a race.
Bri, Heather, John McIlmoil, Kristi McIlmoil, Jessica Preston, Mike Preston, Jason Preston with Savanah and Dan

Jessica Preston and Bri being nutty with their race prizes.

That's me in the middle with Scott Preston on the far right. We were
able to work together as a team and get Scott the overall win for this Crit at the
Thanksgiving Point Stage Race while I picked up the "schwag prime" lap.

Taking a turn at the last Stage of the Thanksgiving Point Stage Race. I was not able
to finish the race like I wanted to because of a flat tire in one of the stages.
Stuff happens.

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